Juno is giving all products that were once destined to be buried or burned, a second chance on life.


A groundbreaking solution to waste diversion and resource recovery – Juno® Technology.

Juno is a breakthrough waste recovery technology that can process waste and recover and sanitize valuable raw materials.  Juno is proven to recover up to 90% of materials it processes, diverting them from landfills and incinerators. These materials – things like paper fiber, food, plastics, and metals – are then circulated back into the economy for reuse as raw materials. 

Material recovery from waste using proprietary separation and sanitization properties – the Juno™ Clave

The Juno Clave is a customized autoclave that sanitizes waste, strips away plastic cup coatings, and washes food contamination from valuable commodities. Combined with Juno’s proprietary wet separation process, these tools and techniques allow Juno® to reclaim previously un-recyclable materials.

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