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Juno provides communities and organizations with a solution to help achieve recycling goals and reduce overall air emissions.

Globally, over 2 billion tons of waste is generated each year and that number will grow to approximately 3.5 billion tons by 2050*. Juno wants to help.

* Waste data from World Bank estimates

Current Global Waste Generation*

*World Bank

Our goal is to divert 10 million tons of garbage from landfills and incinerators and offset 10 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalents in under 10 years (before 2030) using Juno Technology.

Using minimal energy, Juno has the potential to recycle millions of tons of paper, plastics, and metals for reuse.

Project Timeline

Juno® Team

Christer Henriksson

President – Juno LLC

Christer leads all aspects of developing the Juno® Technology. Prior to leading the Juno team, he spent 15 years at Georgia-Pacific in various levels of fiber systems development, technology and innovation.

Erik Wist

Vice President of Commercial Development

Erik’s primary responsibility is identifying and developing opportunities globally for new Juno® Technology installations. Prior to helping start Juno, Erik worked on the strategy and business development team for Georgia-Pacific (GP). Erik’s focus was on commercializing new technologies developed in house and cultivating partnerships with external firms to advance GP’s innovation portfolio.

Trent Moberg

Vice President, Technology & New Business Development

Trent is responsible for the technology development, design and installation of Juno Technology. Prior to joining the Juno organization, Trent spent six years as Director of Technology leading the fiber system, civil/structural/architectural and environmental engineering groups within the Consumer Products business at Georgia-Pacific.

David McConnell

Director, Commercial Development

David joined Georgia-Pacific in 2019 to bring his waste industry expertise to the commercial development of Juno® Technology. He is responsible for creating opportunities for this new recycling technology. He brings to this initiative more than 25 years of experience in the solid and hazardous waste industry across the U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico.

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