We can recycle up to 90% of what is diverted to Juno from landfills and incinerators from commercial sources

Juno adds a new level of recycling capability, which supplements any existing recycling efforts, with the end-goal of increasing global recycle rates.

Juno has the potential to provide millions of tons of recycled paper, plastics, and metals back to the global economy for reuse as raw materials.

Emissions Reductions

– Our goal is to divert 10 million tons of garbage from landfills and incinerators and offset 10 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalents in under 10 years

– Carbon Dioxide equivalent (CO2e) – metric used to estimate the “carbon footprint”

– EPA WARM model is a standard for measuring carbon impact in the waste industry

– We have estimated the CO2e impact for Juno® Technology through the WARM model using Portland, OR Metro’s 2016 waste characterization

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