Join Juno at WasteExpo 2023

May 2-4 | New Orleans, LA
Booth #1500

Learn about how the Juno® Technology gives all products that were once destined to be buried or burned, a second chance on life. Juno is proven to recover up to 90% of materials it processes, diverting them from landfills and incinerators. These materials – things like paper fiber, food, plastics, and metals – are then circulated back into the economy for reuse as raw materials

Recovering Today, Repurposing Tomorrow

Accepting residential and commercial waste, Juno fits into the current waste and recycling landscape, with no behavior change required from consumers.

The Juno™ Clave is a customized autoclave that sanitizes waste, strips away plastic cup coatings, and washes food contamination from valuable commodities. 

A typical Juno Technology run can cover around 20% of Juno Fiber – recycled paper fibers that can be turned back into food-safe paper-based packaging.

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