Juno® Technology

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Juno® Technology

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Juno® Technology

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About Us

Juno® Technology is a new-to-world waste recycling technology that uses patented sanitization and separation processes to recover commodities, diverting up to 90% of waste that would otherwise go to landfills and incinerators, while also reducing carbon emissions.

It was developed by Georgia-Pacific, a global forest products company, who is working to commercialize this waste solution in cities around the globe through a turn-key technology offering.


Georgia-Pacific has an exciting new solution to help address global needs and goals to increase recycling rates: Juno® Technology. Drawing on our many years of experience in paper recycling, we developed a process that takes waste from places like office buildings, restaurants, airports, stadiums and schools—and converts it into valuable recyclables.


We have an opportunity to reduce what we dispose and Juno can recycle up to 90% of waste that is diverted and otherwise would be burned or buried. Juno provides communities and organizations with options to help achieve recycling goals and reduce overall air emissions.


A Juno pilot plant has been in operation in Georgia since 2013 and the first commercial installation is in operation at GP’s paper mill in Toledo, Oregon.
We are in active discussions with potential global partners.

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