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Juno® Technology is helping your community reach its sustainability goals with a revolutionary solution in waste diversion.
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Juno can help you achieve your waste diversion goals, turning the un-recyclable into the reclaimed.

Juno® Technology uses patented sanitization and separation processes to recover commodities for reuse as raw materials.

Up to 90% of what is diverted to Juno from landfills and incinerators is recycled.

Reduce your emissions with Juno Technology.

Each ton of waste processed through a Juno facility can represent a net reduction of one ton of CO2 emissions.*

*We have estimated the CO2e impact for Juno® Technology through the EPA WARM model using Portland, OR Metro’s 2016 waste characterization. EPA WARM

Juno facilitates circularity by providing recycled paper, plastics and metals back to the global economy for reuse as raw materials.

A typical Juno run produces 45% biogas, 20% Juno Fiber, 20% plastics, 5% metal, and 10% other materials.

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