With Juno, we can tackle trash together.

Juno enables communities and partners to change their waste narrative.  

With waste production steadily increasing, Juno offers new life to the trash produced every day.  Accepting residential and commercial waste, Juno fits into the current waste and recycling landscape, with no behavior change required from consumers. With Juno, everyone has a chance to make a difference and give recovered resources a second life. Interested in joining Juno’s cause?

Waste Haulers & Collectors

Juno adds a new level of recycling capability, which supplements any existing recycling efforts and waste infrastructure.

Waste Generators & Communities

Juno can help communities that are looking for more recycling, more sustainable products, more visibility of corporate stewardship, and more support of a circular economy.

Join Juno and stop wasting waste

Juno’s mission to increase recycling and recovery of materials that are currently wasted will work best when we work together. With partners and investors, Juno can reach more places, process more waste, and recover more resources – bringing job opportunities, environmental benefits, and enabling circularity in communities around the world.  

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