Juno Becomes an Awards-Winning Solution

By Christer Henrikson 
President, Juno 


Developing and bringing innovative technology to market isn’t easy or fast.  For more than a decade, the team here at Georgia-Pacific has researched better ways to recover more fiber from waste streams and help increase paper recycling. In the process, we developed and patented Juno® Technology as an environmentally and economically responsible solution to increase recycling and resource recovery.   

And after a year and a half of operation, Juno is more than just a revolutionary approach to waste diversion – it’s also a proven, award-winning solution.   

This fall, Juno was recognized by a diverse list of groups for its innovation and success in helping communities reach their sustainability goals.  This recognition includes: 

  • American Forest and Paper Association – Better Practices, Better Planet 2030 Sustainability Awards – Innovation in Sustainability Award  
  • Portland Business Journal 2022 Makers & Manufacturers Award – recognizes the region’s top manufacturing companies who drive the economy with innovation, excellence and productivity 
  • Engineering News-Record2022 Best Projects Award in the Best Energy/Industrial Engineering category – ENR Northwest region awarded to Juno contractor Greenberry Industrial 

Juno provides the ability to capture previously unrecyclable waste, such as cups with plastic coatings or paper-based packaging with food contamination. It also means that waste generators and local jurisdictions can send everything that is not currently being recycled for processing through Juno with no additional sorting on their part. 

In addition to recapturing paper fiber, other recyclable materials like metals are recaptured for new beneficial uses. 

We are grateful for the accolades and for what Juno has become – a leader in resource recovery and reuse.  

Erik Wist, Vice President, Juno Commercial Development, and Christian Fischer, Georgia-Pacific President & CEO

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